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Who We Are

CAAN was founded as a bilateral Business Council where both Dutch and Algerian companies can join. Services and activities are offered to members and non-members.

CAAN is an international non-profit organization for trade. CAAN acts as the ultimate link between Dutch and Algerian companies. A platform where the economic actors of our two countries will meet and engage each other with the aim of increasing the economic and commercial partnerships. CAAN is responsible for the promotion and strengthening of relations, for economic exchanges, trade development and investment promotion between the Democratic Republic of Algeria and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Relations between Algeria and the Netherlands have existed for over 400 years; four centuries of relations dating back to 1604, the year of the signing of the first treaty between the Staten-Generaal of Holland and the Regency of Algiers. Economic relations between the Netherlands and Algeria are important. The transactions between the two countries are considerable with a positive balance of payment for Algeria. There are many opportunities for expanding economic cooperation between Algeria and the Netherlands.

Among the axes of cooperation defined between Algeria and the Netherlands are predominantly the sectors of : Energy, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Agro-food, Water & Environment, Transport & Logistics. There is real potential for developing partnerships in those sectors. In order to achieve our goals we are uniting our efforts within the Golden Triangle of the public institutions, the private sector and the research & training centers.

Meet Our Team

Djadi Mohamed
Djadi MohamedPresident
” Looking to the future, am convinced that the CAAN is ready to move forward and becoming the most relevant platform where the economic actors will meet with the aim of increasing the economic partnerships.”
Alwin Oud
Alwin OudVice President
“It is in the interest of our companies to strengthen not only our presence in the Netherlands but also that of Dutch companies in Algeria, with a view to innovation and exploitation of our industrial complementarities.”
Pierre D'Agay
Pierre D'AgayVice President
“I am confident of being able to continue the mission of our organization, which is to create and develop an active and dynamic business network that contributes to the promotion and success of its members.”
Samir Benslimane
Samir BenslimaneLeader of the Legal Committee
“With 85% of drylands, Algeria will deal better in facing this problem by taking the Netherlands as an exemple, which has taken advantage of its 60% of floodable plains and is now positioned as a major economic player”.
Ali Bey Nasri
Ali Bey NasriLeader of the logistic committee
“Algeria is obliged to establish a map of its agricultural products and to define high value-added products for export. We can not export just because there is a surplus of products, international trade is planned in advance ”.
Yazid Taalba
Yazid TaalbaLeader of the finance Committee
“ In our council all the members work together to foster cooperation between Algerian and Dutch companies. There is great potential for fruitful and impactful partnerships for the benefit of our countries ”.
Djelloul Achour
Djelloul AchourLeader of the Transport Committee
“logistics must be a stakeholder in the national transport strategy, the modernization of the Algerian economy, its competitiveness regard to all its future competitors require an upgrade of know-how and logistics practices”.

Pilot Projects

Algeria faces several challenges, caused by climate change, population growth and economic development.Within the framework of cooperation between Algeria and the Netherlands, two different pilot projects were initiated.

Green Water Credits

Green Water Credits is a concept of an integrated approach, involving various sectors and disciplines linked together, which shows the overall efficiency of water use at the level of the watershed following the interventions of sustainable management of land. Algeria faces many challenges such as water scarcity, flooding, silting of reservoirs and unstable outflow in agriculture due to soil erosion and depletion. Scarcity often leads to unnecessary conflicts that can (in part) be solved by the concept of GWC. The GWC method analyzes scenarios of the impact on these issues for different measures.

Wastewater for Irrigation

The main objective for this pilot project, is to showcase the potential to safely recycle treated wastewater. Concrete technical solutions to specific problems such as water treatment are proposed by the Dutch. A comprehensive and detailed analysis of water systems can provide clues to measures taken to reduce the level of pollution, including increasing the efficiency of treatment. For example, a change in the management culture within agriculture has an impact on treatment. The reuse of treated wastewater for agriculture (and available nutrients) could be a very attractive economic solution

Mission & Vision

“Our mission is to create and optimize cross-border trade relations and investment through the promotion of international trade, generating new business opportunities, forming strategic alliances and offering unique services, for which the interests and the needs of our members and customers are key elements.”

“CAAN strives to be the leading organization in creating business opportunities between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Algeria. CAAN is making a direct contribution to the consolidation and strengthening of economic relations.”

Trusted Partners

Our partners are carefully selected for not only their expertise and experience, but also our shared values and resolve to lead the business forward in advancements and efficiencies.

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