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Missions & Meetings

The CAAN is the connection between Algerian and Dutch parties, whether it be for import, export, investment or cooperation. Identifying and selecting the appropriate Algerian or Dutch partner is often difficult and time consuming. CAAN thinks along market principles and will go and meet with your customer. Through our methodology of making genuine connections, we will promise you an individual schedule of meetings that provides the tools to succeed in the Algerian and Dutch market.
CAAN brings you potential partners in Algeria and the Netherlands!
CAAN organizes trade missions between Algeria and the Netherlands several times a year, these missions are mainly sector specific, and additional individual meetings are organized for you according to your preferences, in order to enable you to develop effective and targeted business contacts with the right local partners.

International Exhibitions

CAAN organizes activities around several fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions to support your business.

We combine our strengths and operate as a group, in order to provide for you:

  • Interesting m2-prices for our members
  • Individual meetings with potential customers at your stand
  • Network receptions and dinners
  • Workshops
  • Visits to local companies
  • Assistance to translators, drivers and pickups

Open a local office

If you want to start a project in Algeria or the Netherlands, you will need temporary offices, a space to meet with your partners: CAAN offers you flexible office solutions!

We will allow you to settle down smoothly, or to simply allow you to have an address to receive your mail safely and to be reachable at that address.

Workshops & Seminars

CAAN regularly organizes workshops and seminars on doing business in Algeria and the Netherlands. Our workshops can also inform you about the development of the market and its opportunities.

The content of these meetings is about the growth of your business, applied to a specific sector or country. International trade often requires different regulations in terms of taxation, supply chains, compliance reports, finance, etc.

CAAN and its network have the capacity to offer in-depth work sessions with learning curves for your colleagues, which can also be organized at your request, for one of our partners, or as part of the program of our missions.

Trusted Partners

Our partners are carefully selected for not only their expertise and experience, but also our shared values and resolve to lead the business forward in advancements and efficiencies.

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CAAN provides many opportunities to develop and strengthen connections with both Algerian and Dutch business leaders. Through a simple membership process. Join Us !